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ZERMELO courses and templates help you do ONE thing:

Finish professional quality tech house tracks that are ready for labels.

So if you're struggling to finish tracks consistently, or nail that "pro" sound, this Cyber Monday Package Deal is perfect for you.

ZERMELO students have seen "dream-worthy" results including...

  • RELEASES: Repopulate Mars, Toolroom, Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol,  Material Series, and more...
  • SUPPORTClaude Von Stroke, Lee Foss, Michael Bibi, Cloonee, Miguel Bastida, and more...

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#1 - The Tech House

Production System

The Tech House Production System consists of 2 CORE COURSES that show you exactly how to make release-ready tracks — from start to finish.

Quick Overview (more info below this box)

Start To Finish (PAWSA Style)

  • 7+ hours, 5 modules, 11 lessons
  • Learn my 5-Step Production System for high quality output
  • Learn fundamental & advanced arrangement & mixing tips

Course Preview:

"The difference between my tracks before his course and after his course is insane." 
- TheKingsOffHisTwat (Reddit)

Start To Finish (Solardo Style)

  • 4+ hours, 12 video lessons
  • Watch the raw production process in action, step-by-step
  • Learn how to get a huge bass and unstoppable groove and energy

Course Preview:

"The level of detail throughout this entire course boggles my mind."
- Zach Sheldon (Shellz)

You'll Learn:

  • How to ANALYZE professional tracks so you can discover for yourself what you tracks are missing
  • How to nail your DRUMS quickly and easily — with my custom drum production workflow
  • How to write, program, and process tech house BASS lines so you have full control over your low end groove
  • How to get creative with samples, synthesis, and other SOUND DESIGN tricks to create unique, signature hooks
  • How to find, edit, and process VOCALS to create epic, unforgettable moments on the dance floor 
  • How to move from loop to full ARRANGEMENT in just 10 minutes through my “macro mapping” process
  • How to MIX & MASTER your tracks to get clean, punchy, loud, competitive tracks that go OFF in the clubs

(PAWSA Style)

Start To Finish (PAWSA Style) is my flagship production course revealing the complete, step-by-step system you need to finish top quality tracks that are ready for labels — it tells you exactly what to do.

You'll Learn:

  • The 5-Step Production System you need to finish interesting arrangements and professional mixes
  • How to nail your grooves by (1) selecting the right drum sounds and (2) synthesizing fat bass patches (from scratch)
  • How to source and process irresistible hooks — like vocals & synth melodies — that are impossible to forget

Look inside:

(11 Video Lessons, 7+ Hours)

Module 1 - Start with the groove

Module 2 - Write the hooks

Module 3 - Complete the "Cycle"

Module 4 - Finish the arrangement

Module 5 - Mixing & Mastering

(Solardo Style)

Start To Finish (Solardo Style) focuses on the raw production process and techniques you need to start and finish a bass-centric tech house tracks with non-stop energy.

You'll Learn:

  • How to analyze a professional track (and actually learn something) — we analyze "On The Corner" by Solardo
  • How to layer your drums (properly) to get a full, punchy, clean drum sound — without making a huge mess
  • How to program a huge bass patch (like Solardo) using Ableton's Operator — it's easier than you think

Look inside:

(12 Video Lessons, 4.5+ Hours)

Course Contents

#2 - Tech House Template Bundle

Shhh... Templates are a producer's SECRET weapon

 — both for learning and speeding up your workflow.

Expand Your Skill set

  • Access professional project files
  • Study the mix and arrangement
  • Learn new tricks and techniques
  • Discover what your music is missing
  • Gain new insights for your own tracks

Finish More Music

  • Save mix-ready samples and presets
  • Build up your library of sounds
  • Get inspiration for new tracks
  • Use the template as a starting point
  • Customize the template for your own sound

11+ Professional Templates

PLUS — get future templates for FREE!

Eli Brown/Toolroom — "Freaky Shit" Template (Ableton 9)

Latmun — "Who Da Fuq" Template (Ableton 9)

Solardo — "Synthetic" Template (Ableton 9)

PAWSA — "Jello" Template (Ableton 9)

FISHER — "R U Mad" Template (Ableton 10)

Josh Butler — "Definitely Happening" Template (Ableton 10)

+ 5 Exclusive Templates

(1) Shiba San — "Timba" Template (Ableton 10)

(2) Defected — "Precious Love" Template (Ableton 10)

(3) Mihalis Safras — "I Want You" Template (Ableton 10)

(4) Walker & Royce — "Tomorrow" Template (Ableton 10)

(5) Vanilla Ace — "Crates" Template (Ableton 10)

Look Inside Some Templates

"Definitely Happening" Template (Josh Butler Style)

"Who Da Fuq" Template (Latmun Style)

CURRENT Students

What Students Are Saying About ZERMELO Courses:

Since launching last year, over 485+ students (and growing) have joined and benefitted from ZERMELO's courses and templates. Here are some (hopefully) relatable stories for you:

Zach "Shellz" Sheldon: "I've had a few tracks signed to 4 different labels but there are some things separating me from the big dogs. After going through ZERMELO’s courses, I can already tell the difference in my tracks.

I'm really starting to feel like I'm bringing out the finer details in the mix and I have a much more stable approach to how I'm going to finish the track. I now feel more comfortable sending my tracks to some of the bigger labels, it’s a great feeling!

I still have more to learn and I will continue to use these courses, making a big difference!"

UPDATE: Zach has since scored a top 100 release on Beatport and a feature on Blanc's YouTube channel! And there's more to come, I'm sure!

Ben "Benjermain" Brown: "ZERMELO's course also taught me how to be extremely efficient in the mixing process by introducing me to the “flow stage” - this helped me to know what exactly I needed to do with my track step by step in order to achieve that professional sound.

The track I made directly after watching the course was my favourite track to date and I’ve signed it to my favourite label: Kulture Records and will be out in their ADE sampler."

And I always get emails from students telling me about their incredible results.

Like ANTHONY — who got signed for the first time. He's super stoked! (Sorry...this might be hard to see on your phone.)

And DENNIS — who's killing it right now! There's too much to say here, so check out the email:

UPDATE: Dennis has also scored a release on Mihalis Safras' label Material Series and a feature on Tech It Deep!

What Students are saying about ZERMELO templates:

Arrangement and soundwise, it's the best template so far that i came across. The song sounds smart and elegant; simple but not sparse. It's inspiring that you get this sound with stock plugins and don't rely on buss or master processing to warm up the sound or give it an edge. — Ozan Ülke

I like how simple the template was. It was easy to understand and I was able to quickly work out where the key elements for the track sat and how they worked in the arrangement. — Carl Chestworth

Everything was so balanced and clear. I was impressed by the simplicity of all the channels and plugins used. Still trying to figure out how you got that kick to sounds so fat. 😅 I like organization so the color coding was great. — Jay Morales

I really liked having a visual guide to gain staging all of the different elements of a pro style track, specifically in the low end. This is something I think we all struggle with and this template has made me way more confident in my ability to dial in a quality mix. — James Pires


1. Secrets Of The Groove 

($97 Value)

Secrets Of The Groove is a crash course on drums and bass — without question, the MOST important parts of tech house.

You'll learn how to get a layered, textural, driving, punch, professional GROOVE every time — in your OWN style too.

Look Inside:

Module 1 — Drums (1 hour)

Module 2 — Bass (1 hour)

2. Track Deconstructions & Artist Breakdowns

($97 Value)

Access over 5 hours of track deconstructions and artist breakdowns. Watch as I uncover the secrets tricks of your favorite producers!

Look Inside:

Track Deconstructions

Artist Breakdowns

3. Kick Drum Mastery

($29 Value)

This 1 hour training gives you a unique perspective on kicks that I call Dynamic Splitting.

The techniques of Dynamic Splitting are extremely powerful — you'll never have trouble with your kicks again.

(And the concept extends to other sounds too...)

You'll also learn:

  • My secret "parallel transient" trick for ultimate PUNCH
  • My unique way to flawlessly sample ANY kick drum
  • How build your own kicks with ZERO technical issues


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If you request a refund, you can still keep the templates. (There is no way for me to get them back.) That's how confident I am that you'll be satisfied with your purchase: I'm assuming ALL the risk. I stand to lose $319 worth of templates and hundreds of hours of work.

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