Write Catchier Bass Lines With Directional Melodies

Write Catchier Bass Lines With Directional Melodies

Listeners remember catchy bass lines.

Case in point: FISHER's "Stop It" bass line. I bet you could hum it, right now. 

Lucky for us, there's tons of "tricks" to make your bass lines catchier.

And today, we’ll focus on one technique: directional melodies.

These melodies have a specific direction. They go up or they go down.

Sounds simple, but there's a lot more lurking under the surface...

It's all about HOW these melodies go up or down.

In other words, there's a fine line between boring versus catchy and interesting.

And that’s exactly what this video explores. So click play below to watch now:

Download your FREE "Directional Bass Lines Project File" below (Ableton 10 required):

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