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Finish professional quality tech house tracks in Ableton Live

Discover the concepts, techniques, and workflow you need to finish professional quality tracks that are ready for clubs and labels.

So...What's The Problem?

“I’m struggling to finish tracks.”

If you’re struggling to finish tracks, you’re not alone. Not even close...

I always ask new students what their #1 production challenge is and finishing tracks is ALWAYS at the top of the list. By a landslide!

And there’s tons of legitimate reasons:

  • Maybe you feel lost or stuck during the arrangement process…
  • Maybe you don’t have a clear plan or focus…
  • Maybe you’ve listened to the song so many times you’re sick of it…
  • Maybe you’re feeling insecure about your idea…
  • Maybe life gets in the way...

Whatever the reason, these hurdles cause you to abandon projects, leaving you with a hard drive littered with unfinished projects, and worse, untapped potential.

The ideas are there, right? You just need to finish them. Ugh! If only...

But finishing songs isn’t the only big challenge producers face...

“I’m struggling to get that pro sound.”

Behind finishing tracks, the number #2 challenge for producers is achieving a professional sound.

Makes sense though, right? You want to finish tracks. But you don’t want them to sound like crap.

Now be honest...

When you think of achieving a professional sound, what stage of the music making process do you think of?

Mixing, right? (A lot of people think about mastering too.)

And to a large degree, you’re right…

Mixing is technical. And the #1 reason producers can’t achieve the same level of quality they hear in professional releases is a lack of technical skill.

But let me throw this idea at you:

Mixing begins before you begin mixing.

That’s a fun sound bite, right? But the idea is important…

There’s so much work that needs to be done -- and done right -- in the production stage before the mixing stage can have any hope of making a difference.

I’m talking about:

  • Meticulous sound selection
  • Strategic layering of sounds (especially drums)
  • Clean sound design
  • Harmonious musical elements (same key)
  • A full and interesting arrangement

All of these steps -- including mixing and mastering -- are what contribute to achieving that coveted professional sound.

And The Solution Is...?

I’m not going to lie. The solutions aren’t revolutionary. You probably already know them. But it’s the details of the execution that matter. Let me explain...

Question: How do you finish tracks?
Answer: You work according to a reliable, flexible, and efficient workflow.

You learn what to do and when to do it, so you don’t get lost or stuck. Instead, you know when to move onto the next step of the process, and you’re able to keep the quality control high along the way.

Having a workflow like this in place is especially important if you’re busy. Kids, significant others, school, career -- they all take up time.

So when you finally get a chance to make some music, the right workflow will help you (1) squeeze the best out of yourself and (2) make the most of your sessions.

The right workflow will also keep your frustrations at bay. Instead, you’ll be able to work FAST while also having fun, being creative, and original.

Like I said, you probably already know this! The thing is you haven’t yet dialed in the workflow processes and details that set you up for success and keep you moving forward.

Question: How do you get that pro sound?
Answer: You improve your technical skill.

Here, you’re able to identify what NEEDS to happen, and you have the technical chops to MAKE it happen.

Again, this is obvious and not revolutionary... 

But right now, you haven’t yet acquired the techniques that help you cross the threshold into a professional sound.

And I’m talking about the key techniques spanning the ENTIRE production process -- from sound selection to mastering.

Here's How I Can Help...

Back in 2017, YouTube channels dedicated to house music production were few and far between.

We were left to our own devices. And to a large extent, we still are...

The industry is still super underground and feels a bit alienated from new producers eager to learn and grow.

Learning on your own is a blessing and a curse. You basically have to create your own syllabus -- even when you have NO IDEA what to include. Crazy!

And you have to have the discipline to stick with it, and take a step back every so often to refine your "syllabus" and evaluate your progress.

It’s tough and there’s a TON of wasted time. But EVENTUALLY (after like 10 years)...

You develop and deploy your own unique concepts, workflows, processes, techniques, theories, and creative tactics until you HACK your way to where you want to be.

I first started my house music project, ZERMELO, in 2017. And this was after 13 YEARS of trying everything imaginable: singer-songwriter stuff, jingles, mixing for local artists, playing bass in a blues bands, playing guitar in other bands, recording heavy metal music, etc.

And as I started the ZERMELO project, I quickly realized there were literally ZERO resources for making underground house music. So I released a YouTube tutorial on how to make a tech house track from scratch, and it blew up!

And after making a few more videos, my YouTube channel gained over 1 million views. This blew my mind, but it told me one thing:

Tech house producers were out there, and they were hungry to learn!

So I took on some private students and taught them my arrangement processes and mixing techniques with some amazing results!

  • We had a top 10 Beatport release along with several tracks and releases breaking into the top 100 tech house charts on Beatport.
  • Students have also released with top industry labels such as Dirtybird, Toolroom, Repopulate Mars, Material Series, Defected, and more…

But working one-on-one makes it impossible for me to help producers at scale.

So I took everything I’ve learned over the past 15 years of making music...

And I've joined those experiences with the insights I've gained by spending thousands of hours with my private students...

And I put it all together into my flagship tech house production course -- a course that promises to help you...

(1) Finish tracks & (2) Sound Professional

Here it is...


Start To Finish:

Discover the concepts, techniques, and workflow you need to finish professional quality tracks that are ready for clubs and labels.

704+ Students

After releasing this course in November 2018, over 704+ producers have joined. And like my private students, many have seen amazing results. Take a look…

Zach "Shellz" Sheldon says:

"I've had a few tracks signed to 4 different labels but there are some things separating me from the big dogs. After going through ZERMELO’s courses, I can already tell the difference in my tracks.

"I'm really starting to feel like I'm bringing out the finer details in the mix and I have a much more stable approach to how I'm going to finish the track. I now feel more comfortable sending my tracks to some of the bigger labels, it’s a great feeling!”

UPDATE: Zach has since scored a top 100 release and a feature on the popular Blanc YouTube Channel! And I’m sure there’s a lot more in the works…

Ben "Benjermain" Brown says:

"ZERMELO's course also taught me how to be extremely efficient in the mixing process by introducing me to the “flow stage” - this helped me to know what exactly I needed to do with my track step by step in order to achieve that professional sound.

"The track I made directly after watching the course was my favourite track to date and I’ve signed it to my favourite label: Kulture Records and will be out in their ADE sampler on the 17th of October.”

UPDATE: Ben has since signed a lot more track and has also scored a feature on Blanc’s YouTube channel! Again, with lots more to come…

What kind of results can YOU expect?

The results you can expect depend on your skill level walking into the course...

Some students finally finished a track that they didn't hate! They were actually proud of it! Other students have gone onto sign with top labels and score dream gigs as DJ/producers.

Look, there is no substitute for (1) making music and (2) work ethic. On the other hand, there is no doubt...

Start To Finish: PAWSA will give you the tools you need to blast through the learning curve and accelerate your journey.

Brad simply found the help he needed...

Anthony signed his very first track!

I love this email because you can tell that Anthony is STOKED!

Jorge got top DJ support, fast!

This email is extra special to me...

Jorge — a beginner at the time — was one of the first Start To Finish: PAWSA students back in November 2018. 

After ripping through the course, Jorge sent me a track he made based on the course lessons. I was BLOWN AWAY...

You see, I'd only been teaching students 1-on-1 at that point. So to see someone crank out a banger a few days after watching the course was as cool for me as it was for Jorge!

A month later, Jorge started getting support from heavyweights like Alisa, Simone Liberali, Flashmob, and more. (Hence the email above.)

So Jorge's emails proved to me that the production system could work for anyone (beyond myself and my private students). And it was the first "real" result from the course itself.

And, of course, Jorge continues to kill it!


I can't promise you that labels will sign your tracks or that DJ's will play them. But I can promise this...

Going through Start To Finish: PAWSA will have a transformative impact on your workflow, technical skill, and your overall ability to make music. This, I can promise you.

​So now let’s check out exactly what’s inside the course...

Here's Exactly What You Get...

5 Modules // 11 Videos // 7+ Hours

Start To Finish: PAWSA is neatly organized based on workflow modules:

  • Module 1 - Start with the groove
  • Module 2 - Write the hooks
  • Module 3 - Complete the cycle 
  • Module 4 - Finish the arrangement
  • Module 5 - Mix and master

This is inside the member's area of Start To Finish: PAWSA

Full module breakdown & syllabus:

Expand each module to learn more...

Module 1 - Start with the groove (2 hours)

Module 2 - Write the hooks (1 hour)

Module 3 - Complete the "cycle" (1 hour)

Module 4 - Finish the arrangement (1 hour)

Module 5 - Mixing & mastering (2 hours)

You'll learn...

  • How to ANALYZE professional tracks so you can discover for yourself what you tracks are missing
  • How to nail your DRUMS quickly and easily — with my custom drum production workflow
  • How to write, program, and process tech house BASS lines so you have full control over your low end groove
  • How to get creative with samples, synthesis, and other SOUND DESIGN tricks to create unique, signature hooks
  • How to find, edit, and process VOCALS to create epic, unforgettable moments on the dance floor 
  • How to move from loop to full ARRANGEMENT in just 10 minutes through my “macro mapping” process
  • How to MIX & MASTER your tracks to get clean, punchy, loud, competitive tracks that go OFF in the clubs

We've Only Just Begun... Bonuses!

Bonus #1.) Start To Finish: Solardo ($47 Value)

12 Video Lessons // 4.5+ Hours

Start To Finish: Solardo focuses on the raw execution of building a track from scratch. It shows you how to make a bass-centric tech house banger with unstoppable energy.

You'll learn:

  • How to analyze and build a track based off a professional reference — we use "On The Corner" by Solardo
  • How to program a club-shaking Solardo-style bass patch using Ableton's Operator in just a few steps!
  • How to properly layer your drums to get a clean and full drum sound — without creating an incoherent mess

Course Contents - 12 videos, 4.5 hours (expand to learn more...)

The level of detail throughout this entire course boggles my mind. — Zach "Shellz" Sheldon

Bonus #2.) Ableton Templates ($58 Value)

Download the project files (templates) for the tracks we make in Start To Finish (PAWSA Style) and Start To Finish (Solardo Style) so you can:

  • Save your favorite sounds, presets, and mixing chains to instantly beef up your own music
  • Study the arrangement & mixing techniques to uncover new tricks & discover what your tracks are missing
  • Use the templates as a professional starting point for your next track or EP

Bonus #3.) Secrets Of The Groove ($47 Value)

Secrets Of The Groove is a crash course on drums and bass — without question, the MOST important parts of tech house.

You'll learn how to get a layered, textural, driving, punch, professional GROOVE every time — in your OWN style too.

Module 1 - Drums (1 hour):

  • How to pick the best drum sounds - it’s NOT about quality
  • The easiest way to develop your "signature" drum sound
  • The secret to an infectious drum groove + tons of examples
  • The ONLY tool you need to get your drums LOUD
  • My drum bus compression settings for a FAT drum sound

Module 2 - Bass (1 hour):

  • The 3 P's of bass sound design - you gotta get these right!
  • Four catchy bass melodies that are guaranteed to work
  • How to program 2 popular bass patches from scratch
  • The 3 frequency ranges to focus on when EQing bass
  • The 2 styles of compression for achieving a full bass sound

Bonus #4.) Kick Drum Mastery ($29 Value)

A kick can make or break your track. And in 1 hour, you'll have all the tools you need to get your kicks to SLAM in the clubs.

You'll learn:

  • My secret "parallel transient" trick for ultimate PUNCH
  • My unique way to flawlessly sample ANY kick drum
  • How build your own kicks with ZERO technical issues

Bonus #5.) Deconstructions & Breakdowns ($97 Value)

Access over 11+ hours of track deconstructions and artist breakdowns. Watch as I uncover the secrets tricks of your favorite producers!

Track Deconstructions (10 hours)

Artist Breakdowns (1 hour)

Ready To Get Started?


One payment. Instant access.

  • Start To Finish: PAWSA — $97 Value
  • PAWSA Ableton Template — $29 Value
  • Start To Finish: Solardo — $47 Value
  • Solardo Ableton Template — $29 Value
  • Secrets Of The Groove — $47 Value
  • Kick Drum Mastery — $29 Value
  • Deconstructions & Breakdowns — $97 Value
  • Lifetime Access + Updates
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Join over 704+ producers now...

Don’t like it? Doesn't it help? Get a refund.

You have 60 days (two full months) to try the course 100% risk free. If it’s not for you, then no worries. Just email me within 60 days of your initial purchase and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

Email: zermelo@zermelomusic.com

Student Testimonials

The difference between my tracks before his course and after his course is insane. — Brad King

After taking ZERMELO’s courses my tracks started to improve, so I sent Techno Snobs song after song then they finally gave me a shot DJing a gig and after that they took me in! 🙂 I’m also the youngest on the team at 20 years old 🙂 They have booked me for a couple gigs so far and it’s been amazing! — Jaden "Daxxin" Sprinz

ZERMELO's courses have helped me develop my productions in a massive way. The lessons are easy to follow and detailed enough that everyone can get something out of it. The thing they've helped with most is definitely my end-to-end production process, and I've been laying ideas down and finishing tracks way faster having used it as a learning tool. Thanks! — Theon Bower

This course is the first course that goes into all the deep details you need to make your track stand out and tells you why you need them (or what to do that's similar)....I used some of the tips and insights to put into new tracks I played at Electric Forest and they crushed! — Sean Little

After downloading all of Zermelo's free material, I then gave a chance for the Solardo course, which just made me finish 2 tracks in a row, that was such an inspiring and motivating material to finish tracks, lots of cool tips to develop your sound, just amazing! — Guto Potter

ZERMELO's course has been instrumental in developing a workflow to arrange a track quickly once the initial idea has been established. [...] ZERMELO's mixing advice has been sound as well (pardon the pun) and allowed me to get my tracks sounding really good on both home systems and clubs. I highly recommend following along through the course. — Laksh Aithani


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