Tech House Production System by ZERMELO

Attention tech house producers using Ableton Live:

Learn The Tech House Production System You Need To Finish Professional Quality Tracks That Are Ready For Labels...

...without wasting thousands of dollars or years of frustration!

Sometimes, making music can suck. would be AWESOME to bang out tracks in a day. would be AWESOME if your tracks got signed the SECOND you sent them to the label. takes time to get to that level.

And the journey is often filled with frustration, rejection, failure, disappointment, depression, and a bunch of other crappy feelings.

The absolute WORST feeling is when you compare your tracks to professionals and think to yourself:

"I'm not even close. 
And I don't know why."

Yeah, that hurts. But that’s just one of many frustrations we face while trying to improve the quality of our sound.

Do you relate to any of these as well…?

  • “I can’t turn my loop into a full track, no matter what I try.”
  • “I’m struggling to finish tracks on a regular basis”
  • “I always get STUCK during the arrangement process.”
  • “I have NO idea what my tracks are missing.”
  • “I wish someone would just tell me EXACTLY what to do."

How Long does it take to break through?

I was stuck in this limbo phase for YEARS.

I was making small improvements here and there, but I couldn’t get my tracks to sound as good as professional releases. 

Plus, several years ago, there was ZERO content out there on how to make house music. So...

There was really only
ONE WAY to learn.

I had to confront the problem head on...

And spend every spare second reverse engineering and analyzing professional tracks.

I knew there was a GAP between my tracks and the references — I could HEAR it. But my ears weren’t good enough to identify exactly where I was going wrong.

But slowly, after thousands of hours, my listening skills improved and I developed techniques that helped me BRIDGE THE GAP from an amateur to professional sound.

And THIS was the key insight...

Making Music Is Like Baking A Cake

I learned that making music is like baking a cake. And there are two ESSENTIAL components: (1) the ingredients and (2) the recipe. 

And these components line up with two problems that ALL producers face when learning to make music:

  1. The Ingredients Problem
  2. The Recipe Problem

The Ingredients Problem

Analyzing songs helped me discover WHAT my music was missing. So I got better at choosing WHAT to put in my tracks:

  • Samples 
  • Synths
  • Hooks 
  • Effects 
  • Saturation 
  • Etc.

These are all the ingredients you “cobble” together to make your tracks sound amazing. 

And the better the ingredients you use, the better your tracks will sound.

But, believe it or not, getting that “pro” sound is only HALF the battle...

The Recipe Problem sound was improving. But.......

I was still struggling to FINISH tracks on a regular basis. I knew WHAT to do, but I didn’t know WHEN to do it.

That’s what a RECIPE gives you: step-by-step instructions so you know exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. 

I was lacking a recipe. I was lacking a systematic process.

In music, we call this a workflow. And as I developed a consistent, step-by-step workflow, I was finally able to finish top-quality tracks quickly and consistently. 

Plus, I no longer got stuck during the arrangement stage because I knew when to move on and what to do next.

Here's the thing...

Most people just wind up searching YouTube endlessly for tips and techniques.

That's like trying to cook a meal without a recipe. Sure, you'll have ingredients....but you'll never create a finished meal.

Songs are the same way. Just like ingredients NEED a recipe, techniques NEED a workflow.

The Complete System

It took me a LONG time — almost TEN years — to perfect my production system and make the music I wanted to make. 

But it didn’t have to take that long. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Some of my students have made the SAME progress in under ONE year. And you can too, if you...

  • Start with the right ingredients and the right recipe
  • Learn the right techniques AND the right workflow
  • Know exactly WHAT to do and WHEN to do it

Bottom Line: If you want to finish professional quality tech house tracks that are ready for labels, you need a COMPLETE SYSTEM...


The Tech House Production System

The Tech House Production System consists of 2 CORE COURSES that reveal exactly how to finish professional quality tech house tracks from start to finish.

Start To Finish (PAWSA Style)
Preview what we make:

"The difference between my tracks before his course and after his course is insane." 
- TheKingsOffHisTwat (Reddit)

Start To Finish (Solardo Style)
Preview what we make:

"The level of detail throughout this entire course boggles my mind."
- Zach Sheldon (Shellz)

You'll discover my proven 5-Step Production Workflow along with ALL the foundational and advanced production techniques you need along the way.

You'll also learn:

  • How to ANALYZE professional tracks so you can discover for yourself what you tracks are missing
  • How to nail your DRUMS quickly and easily — with my custom drum production workflow
  • How to write, program, and process tech house BASS lines so you have full control over your low end groove
  • How to get creative with samples, synthesis, and other SOUND DESIGN tricks to create unique, signature hooks
  • How to find, edit, and process VOCALS to create epic, unforgettable moments on the dance floor 
  • How to move from loop to full ARRANGEMENT in just 10 minutes through my “macro mapping” process
  • How to MIX & MASTER your tracks to get clean, punchy, loud, competitive tracks that go OFF in the clubs

The Tech House Production System will fast track your sound and skills to the next level and beyond...

What Other Producers Are Saying...

Over 485+ students have benefited from the Tech House Production System and here’s what some recent students have to say…

I've had a few tracks signed to 4 different labels but there are some things separating me from the big dogs. After going through ZERMELO’s courses, I can already tell the difference in my tracks.

I'm really starting to feel like I'm bringing out the finer details in the mix and I have a much more stable approach to how I'm going to finish the track. I now feel more comfortable sending my tracks to some of the bigger labels, it’s a great feeling!

I still have more to learn and I will continue to use these courses, making a big difference!


San Diego

ZERMELO's course also taught me how to be extremely efficient in the mixing process by introducing me to the “flow stage” - this helped me to know what exactly I needed to do with my track step by step in order to achieve that professional sound.

The track I made directly after watching the course was my favourite track to date and I’ve signed it to my favourite label: Kulture Records and will be out in their ADE sampler on the 17th of October.



What kind of results can you expect?

ZERMELO students have achieved incredible results: from finishing their first track all the way to signing with legendary labels like Toolroom and Dirtybird.

Check out some "behind the scenes" results below. (Identities blurred for privacy.)

Get your first release, like Anthony...

Get support from top DJs, like Jorge...

Get your first top 100 release, like Zach...

Get signed to a top label, like Nick...

Whatever results you’re looking for, you’ll find the tools you need inside the Tech House Production System. Guaranteed.

Here's Everything You Get

Start To Finish (PAWSA Style)

11 Video Lessons, 7+ Hours

This is my flagship training revealing the complete, step-by-step production system you need to finish professional quality tracks from scratch.

You'll learn:

  • The 5-step production workflow you need to finish engaging arrangements and professional mixes
  • How to create infectious grooves by selecting high-quality drum samples and programming fat bass patches
  • How to find, program, and process irresistible hooks — like vocals & synths — that are impossible to forget

Look inside Start To Finish (PAWSA Style):

Module 1 - Build an infectious groove

Module 2 - Write irresistible hooks

Module 3 - Create epic tension in the breaks

Module 4 - Finish an arrangement that keeps people's attention

Module 5 - Mix and master to a professional standard

Start To Finish (Solardo Style)

12 Video Lessons, 4.5+ Hours

Start To Finish (Solardo Style) focuses more on the RAW techniques and workflow you need to start and finish a bass-centric tech house banger with unstoppable energy.

You'll learn:

  • How to analyze and build a track based off a professional reference — we use "On The Corner" by Solardo
  • How to program a club-shaking Solardo-style bass patch using Ableton's Operator in just a few steps!
  • How to properly layer your drums to get a clean and full drum sound — without creating an incoherent mess

Look inside Start To Finish (Solardo Style):

Course Contents

+5 Free Bonuses ($281 Value)

#1 - Jello Ableton Template
#2 - Synthetic Ableton Template

Download the project files (templates) for the tracks we make in Start To Finish (PAWSA Style) and Start To Finish (Solardo Style) so you can:

  • Save your favorite sounds, presets, and mixing chains to instantly beef up your own music
  • Study the arrangement & mixing techniques to uncover new tricks & discover what your tracks are missing
  • Use the templates as a professional starting point for your next track or EP

#3 - Secrets Of The Groove

Secrets Of The Groove is a 2 module course covering the drums and bass - the MOST important parts of tech house.

In Module 1 on Drums (1 hour), you'll learn:

  • How to pick the best drum sounds - it’s NOT about quality
  • The easiest way to develop your "signature" drum sound
  • The secret to an infectious drum groove + tons of examples
  • The ONLY tool you need to get your drums LOUD
  • My drum bus compression settings for a FAT drum sound

In Module 2 on Bass (1 hour), you'll learn:​

  • The 3 P's of bass sound design - you gotta get these right!
  • Four catchy bass melodies that are guaranteed to work
  • How to program 2 popular bass patches from scratch
  • The 3 frequency ranges to focus on when EQing bass
  • The 2 styles of compression for achieving a full bass sound

#4 - Kick Drum Mastery

A kick can make or break your track. And in 1 hour, you'll have all the tools you need to get your kicks to SLAM in the clubs. 

You'll learn:

  • My secret "parallel transient" trick for ultimate PUNCH
  • My unique way to flawlessly sample ANY kick drum
  • How build your own kicks with ZERO technical issues

#5 - Track Deconstructions & Artist Breakdowns

Access over 5 hours of track deconstructions and artist breakdowns. Watch as I uncover the secrets tricks of your favorite producers!

Artist Breakdowns:

  • Mihalis Safras
  • Walker & Royce

Track Deconstructions:

  • "New Life" by Dennis Cruz
  • "Be Sharp Say Nowt" by Patrick Topping
  • "Egg" by Mihalis Safras

Are You Ready?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't like it? Doesn't help? Get a refund.

If you're on the fence, I recommend that you enroll risk free. Watch the lessons, implement the techniques, and if you’re not feeling the results after 60 days, email me and I will give you a full refund.

No questions. No hassle. No risk for you.

If you request a refund, you can still keep the templates. There is no way for me to get them back. So I'm taking on ALL the risk. But that's cool with me because I just want to make sure you have the chance to join the courses 100% risk free.

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