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10 Professional Tech House Templates For Ableton Live

Template Styles: Eli Brown, Latmun, Solardo, PAWSA, FISHER, Josh Butler, Walker & Royce, Shiba San, Defected, Mihalis Safras, and more coming...
  • Study professional arrangements and mixes in the styles of your favorite producers
  • Save mix-ready samples, presets, and mixing chains to improve the quality of your tracks
  • ​​Use the professional templates for inspiration or to kickstart your next track or EP

Total Value = $390 /// 60% Bundle Discount /// 30 Day Refund Policy

Preview All 10 Templates & Look Inside

Freaky Shit Template

Eli Brown Style /// Ableton 9.7+

Who Da Fuq Template

Latmun Style /// Ableton 9.7+

Synthetic Template

Solardo Style /// Ableton 9.7+

Jello Template

PAWSA Style /// Ableton 9.7+

R U Mad Template

FISHER Style /// Ableton 10+

Definitely Happening

Josh Butler Style /// Ableton 10+

Tomorrow Template

Walker & Royce Style /// Ableton 10+

Timba Template

Shiba San Style /// Ableton 10+

I Want You Template

Mihalis Safras Style /// Ableton 10+

Precious Love Template

Defected Style /// Ableton 10+

+ more templates 
on the way...

Here's What Producers Are Saying...

Everything was so balanced and clear. I was impressed by the simplicity of all the channels and plugins used. Still trying to figure out how you got that kick to sounds so fat. πŸ˜… I like organization so the color coding was great. β€” Jay Morales

I like how simple the template was. It was easy to understand and I was able to quickly work out where the key elements for the track sat and how they worked in the arrangement. β€” Carl Chestworth

I really liked having a visual guide to gain staging all of the different elements of a pro style track, specifically in the low end. This is something I think we all struggle with and this template has made me way more confident in my ability to dial in a quality mix. β€” James Pires

Arrangement and soundwise, it's the best template so far that i came across. The song sounds smart and elegant; simple but not sparse. It's inspiring that you get this sound with stock plugins and don't rely on buss or master processing to warm up the sound or give it an edge. β€” Ozan Ülke

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Track Deconstructions & Artist Breakdowns

Access over 11+ hours of track deconstructions and artist breakdowns. Watch as I uncover the secrets tricks of your favorite producers!

Track Deconstructions (10 hours)

Artist Breakdowns (1 hour)

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ONE Insight Could Make ALL The Difference!

I asked some producers, "what was the #1 thing you learned from your templates?" β€” and here's what they had to say:

Sean Biondic says: "Reverse Kick to lead into a drop. Definitely never knew that. Great little tip!"

Zildjian says: "The use of the EQ at the Mid-High frequency range to make clap samples sound best and pop most in a track. I'll definitely use this for my beats in future tracks as it makes them sound so much more crisp."​

Justin Nuval says: "​How to effectively go through many kicks and many claps, not only having to stick to one. Tuning is important as well as the criticalness of the spectrum analyzer."​

James Pires says: "The buss processing workflow in the template was something new to me, and I've already incorporated it in to my own tracks. I was accustomed to grouping elements and processing them that way, but creating the buss is just way better, and I'm honestly a little irritated with myself for never doing it before."

Jaimon says: "Creating two types of bass and kicks including a high pass to use at different parts in the song."

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